Monday, 7 October 2013

Youtube, Blog, Breaks and Back!

Hey everybody,
it has been a loong, loong time!
My internet has been broken this month and right now im using a personal hotspot to catch up on youtube, gossip girl and beauty blogs as i can in 2 gigabites!
Since I stopped blogging I have made a youtube channel, unfortunely due to broken internet that hasnt 'come to life' yet either!
If any of you were wondering where I went or maybe, what i want to do, here you go!

Since I was last blogging my fashion, makeup and design taste has changed!
This means expect alot more outfit, makeup and other beauty posts for the future!
When i make a youtube video I will post it up here so you can stay in touch with my face on loads of websites!
The amount of blog and youtube idea posts i have crammed into my notebook is insane!
So be exited ;)

I also plan to keep this blog a lifestyle one too, so there will be some little boring posts but some of you might like that!

Alot of you have contacted me to do with button swaps and thing like that, if your still interested and I havent gotten back to you please message me again!

Until internet returns,
Cat xox

Friday, 14 June 2013

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon And Healthy Cinnamon Snack!

Hey everyone!
I am back and blogging and youtubing and summering and ah! so much! everything is going great!!

First, here are some cool benefits of cinnamon that i deffinitely did not know about!

1. lowers cholesterol.
2. reduces blood sugar levels.
3. fights cancer.
4. treats bad breath.
5. helps cure chronic cough, colds and clears sinuses.
6. protects against heart disease.
7. boots brain activity and helps with memory loss.
8. fights yeast infections.
9. helps with stomach ulcers.
10. helps heal arthritis // anti-inflamotry.
11.increases blood circulation.

I find that so cool!

But sometimes cinnamon can be hard to add to our diet so here is  lovely light, healthy, fast and incredibly easy snack!

All you need is cinnamon, a plate, an apple and a microwave.

Just chop up your apple ( preferably red! ) and sprinkle some cinnamon on top! Pop that in the microwave until its warm and there you go!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Youtube Channel!

My exams started yesterday :(
Which is why i haven't been posting! But, they finish on thursday then my geography teacher is bringing us surfing!!
I have got a chance to make my channel though! And even upload a video to it!!
How exiting?!
So guys please please subscribe!!!??

My First YouTube Video!

It would really mean alot! I will have a video on there next week but i don't know if i will get a chance to post on this aswell! Gr! Anyways, thanks so much if you are clicking on that link!
Wish me luck!
Lots of Love,
Cat x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Natural Make-Up By Tanya Burr

Hey everyone!
With my exams coming up next week ( aahh :( ) I haven't gotten much time to post or blog at all!
So as much as I would love if it was me making this video im afraid that that isn't possible yet! :(
But next week.. Ill be free!
So here is a video I watched yesterday and found it amazing!
Oh and about the foundation, I have Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and it is FAB! ( review coming soon!)
So enjoy the video by the gorgeous Tanya Burr and Ill see you guys tomorrow! x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Idea!

Hey everbody,
As you may see in the title last week was a wierdly bad week for me as my Summer exams are coming up but more importantly, I could post ( or work on my big idea, which is coming up!)
because my internet broke!

But, thank the lord it is working now!

So I can post again! Woohoo!
I have some really cool hauls and loads more to catch up on with you guys but the main thing thats been going on is my new idea of...
A YouTube Channel!
On this channel i would have...
Hauls, Tutorials, Vlogs and loads of crazy things!
I am working on this in m spare time and im hoping i can start soon!
Wouldnt that be cool?
But yes! So many cool posts coming up and some hopfully cool videos :)
Love you guys and happy to be back online haha!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Topshop Summer Dress!

Hey guys, so I have been finding really hard to get to posting this week because I have had SO much homework and study! Things have just been really busy in general, so this post is not the best but i got the chance to get into town today with my friend and I saw this dress in Topshop! I tried it on and it fits so well, as most Topshop clothes do! Here is the link to the dress if you wanna check it out!
Im SO sorry about lack of posts but I will be back to normal again very soon and expect some big posts too! Maybe even some youtube videos?
Love you all xxx

Sunday, 28 April 2013

My 3 Favourite Shopping Websites

Hey guys, how you doing?
I realized today that there are alot of websites I love to go on, to shop or even just look at the clothes with awe and inspiration! Haha!
They're all pretty different, different prices, clothes and different styles!
Here is 3 of my favourites and an extra one I sometimes like for inspiration....

I love,love,love this website! It has such lovely clothes and its not too expensive at all! Yay!

Jersey Crop Top €8

Obey Tee €12

American Flag Studded Hot Pants €28

I love, it has such trendy clothes!

High Waisted Jeggings €22

High Waisted Shorts €28

Cross Collar Tips €9

Ombre Tassel Vest €16

I love Miss Guided, it has really nice dresses and just wow everything! Hahah!

Flower Skater Skirt €32.56

Crop Top €15.62

Studded Bracelet €6.50

Skater Dress €32.56

Black Milk Clothing is a website I LOVE! But only look at the clothes on because its pretty expensive but still gorgeous!